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Coaching That Inspires and Releases the Authentic Leader Inside for Greater Impact

As a leader, you are driven to increase the good in the world.

Like many leaders, you feel yourself pulled into managerial tasks, reviewing budgets, putting out fires, and just trying to survive. You are burnt out and even though you are working hard on a mission you believe in, you are lacking joy in the results you are achieving. Then you discover that although you have the title of leader, you might not be actually leading anyone! This discovery comes during a time of crisis or transition in which you realize that your current reality doesn't match who you aspire to be. You aren't thriving and the people you are supposed to be leading aren't thriving either.

"Andy asks key questions leading to my own discovery and moving me closer to the vision of who I want to be and how I want to get there."

Kelly, Business Owner, USA

You Need A Guide

The challenges you are facing expose that you aren't sure if your way of doing things is going to work anymore. It got you to where you are now, but it won't move you forward, let alone sustain you. You need fresh sources of inspiration and energy. You need to reconnect to or rediscover your own passion and purpose. You need to draw on your own passion to foster growth in the people you are leading.

Meet Your Coach

Andy has spent his career leading organizations and helping people who impact the world through their work to lead out of an authentic self. He understands the isolation and loneliness that can come with the mantle of leadership, especially during times of crisis and transition. As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation and Psychosynthesis Life Coach, he has spent hundreds of hours walking with leaders from around the world in their own times of transformational learning.

"We identified areas of deeply buried personal shame for which coping strategies could be in conflict with personal values, leading to levels of values based dysphoria and conflicted leadership decisions. Now I'm focused on relentless honesty in communications with team members, including where I'm not succeeding. I like working hard, but can now embrace failure as an important learning aid. Helplessness repositioned me."

John, CEO, UK

Light the Fire Inside You

When you invite Andy to walk alongside you, you first engage that spark that is inside you. Together you spend time fanning the spark into a flame, giving you a solid sense of your authentic self from which you want to lead. In understanding your own authentic self, you learn how to recognize and engage the authentic self in others as well. Learning tools such as mindfulness, compassionate communication, conflict resolution, and values clarification gives more oxygen to the flame. Finally, you test out new behaviors coming from your authentic self with Andy's support and encouragement.

Meaningful Results

Generate Awareness

Understanding yourself sheds light on motivations and behaviors that are producing the results you are currently seeing.

Gain Clarity

Connect to your inner self and clarify what is meaningful to you now.

Plan & Execute

Apply your awareness and clarity of vision to how you live your life and live your relationships, able to make choices instead of being controlled by past behaviors.

Book a Free Session

If you are looking to find and foster the spark that is already in you, connect with Andy to see if he can be that person for you. You will receive a free 30 minute coaching session with no obligation for future sessions.

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The main things Andy coached me with were in the areas of leadership and how to make the step from leading in youth ministry to sitting in the chair as a Lead Pastor. It involved many areas, but included communication skills, management styles, and evaluating my gifts and strengths. The coaching helped me to realize I was not alone and that it is a different role being the leader of a staff than just a staff member."

Bruce, Lead Pastor, USA

Authentic Leadership Is Available To You

When you access your authentic self, the people you lead and your organization experience the benefits.